3 More Paths to Optimization

3 More Paths to Optimization

Review your company for these three issues.

For the last two weeks we’ve analyzed conditions that offer many companies opportunities for optimization. (Check out the posts here and here if you’ve missed a week or two.) This week we’re wrapping up our survey of the leading signs that your sales and marketing people can deliver more for your organization… If you’re willing to commit to the changes they need.

1. Your product or service has become “commoditized”

One of the best ways to revitalize your business is to shift the conversation away from price. Make sure your offering has enough differentiating factors to rise above “apples-to-apples” comparisons. What benefits can you offer that only come from you? These benefits will showcase your product’s uniqueness, making a conversation about price unnecessary.

2. You have disruptive competitors

It’s not “game over” when some upstart company changes the game—it’s just time for you to re-write the rules. Take action by improving your own mousetrap or shifting the conversation to focus on your strengths.

3. Key personnel are leaving your company

No matter what kind of culture you’ve established, people are still the core strength of any organization. Look for ways to hold onto your established talent longer while empowering rising stars, and this type of change will happen more smoothly.

We’ve seen organizations of every size conquer challenges like these, emerging on the “other side” to thrive in every kind of economic environment. It worked for them, and it can work for you too, as we detail in our latest parathink briefing, released just last week: Organizational Optimization: How to re-energize, recharge, and reinvigorate your business. Click here to get your copy now.

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