3 Ways to Get Your Organization on Board for Optimization

3 Ways to Get Your Organization on Board for Optimization

When an organization is in tune, optimization occurs organically.

Meaningful change happens when everyone in an organization is on board, regardless of whether new initiatives come from above or below. Building this kind of consensus is an art form, but success often starts with three simple steps:

1. Listen actively

Talk to everyone before you start planning. In particular, ask for input from current and past customers about what you could do to improve their experience. You’ll also want to check in with people at every level of the company. Getting a front-line perspective often yields valuable insights, especially if the workers you interview feel like they’re able to make a positive difference.

2. Create a vision

Sometimes just the art of articulating where you’re going and communicating it well throughout the organization is the key to securing the support you need for a new start. When people start to believe that you’re moving in the right direction, there’s an intangible tide that lifts all the boats. Suddenly even people who were just going through the motions believe. That in turn increases their motivation—and their performance.

3. Make a commitment

Whether it’s committing to investment in the company’s future, selling a grassroots plan up the chain, or getting an outside partner to make sense of the data you’ve gathered, optimization requires nothing less than 100% support from the people who want to make it happen. Once you have a plan you believe in, empower someone with vision to act and take the lead. Making that promise—and backing it up with action—is the first step toward encouraging new-found faith in your company at every level.

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