4 Metrics For Successful B2B Social Media Marketing Campaigns

4 Metrics For Successful B2B Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Here’s what you should measure.

Social media analytics tools offer hundreds of metrics, which can be used to track facts and figures about your campaign. In fact, the data available can be overwhelming. In general, when starting a new online marketing campaign, the basic metrics fall into four categories, each of which responds to different online marketing strategies.

No single metric can give you a complete picture of your content’s performance. For this reason, we recommend creating objectives that track at least two of the following social analytics categories—preferably three or four.

  • Consumption Metrics—How many people are viewing your content, and how engaged they are
  • Sharing Metrics—How often users pass your content on to others
  • Lead Generation Metrics—How often social media consumers turn into live leads
  • Sales Metrics—How often social media consumers turn into paying customers

Most of the B2B social media campaigns we’ve seen limit their tracking to consumption metrics, but as we’ll show in the next few weeks, it’s far more effective to get a bigger picture by using multiple analytics tools.

You do want to avoid Vanity Metrics like post likes or follower count as they don’t tell you anything about your content or your performance.

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