5 Hashtag Strategies That Work

5 Hashtag Strategies That Work

Use these strategies to beef up your #socialmedia marketing.

Hashtags are one of the many new gems of modern marketing. A hashtag is a metadata tag with a pound sign (hash sign) attached to it. When people search a hashtag, anything connected to the hashtag shows up. It is essentially an easy networking tool for getting your brand noticed and shared by the right companies. Although the power of hashtags is evident, there still is one problem: How do you use your hashtag? What makes a hashtag popular? Here are 5 hashtag strategies for growing your brand’s network.

Make It Clear and Easy to Remember

A hashtag is usually about a dozen letters long (give or take) and around two words. Part of the appeal of a hashtag is the fact that it is short and easy to remember. Make a hashtag something that is easy to spell, catchy, and easy for your target audience to understand. It is also a good idea to have the hashtag summarize your brand and/or company goal. Not only does this make it easy to communicate, but it is also a wonderful way to grow your brand identity.

Bring Specific Hashtags to Specific Clients

Although you should always carry a hashtag that is relevant to your brand, it is okay to have an arsenal of various tags for different social platforms. It is normally okay to do this since no two sites/apps are the same. Let’s say your brand focuses on shoe manufacturers. Your recent hashtags have been on east coast shoe events (Sneaker Con and so forth). The west coast won’t necessarily care about the east coast happenings, but a more relevant west coast hashtag would gain attention.

Choose a Certain Number of Hashtags for Different Social Platforms

No two social platforms are the same when it comes to their content. Facebook shares differently than Twitter. Some platforms prefer one hashtag and a very limited amount of characters, while others allow you to use as many as you need. Some platforms prohibit any use of special characters (i.e. %$&*), while others like Pinterest and Tumblr allow them. Take advantage of the various types of characters that websites allow and use limitations to inspire creativity.

Offers Through Hashtags

What if you created a hashtag for new company offers? Many new clients can be gained through ads and promotions on new deals. In order to gain attention for said deals, a simple hashtag can bring more clients to your circle. Target the industries you’re going after, get involved and stay up to date on news and information specific to the clients you’re going after. Let them know that you understand their business and draw them in with creative offers.

Don’t Hashtag Spam

Don’t exasperate the hashtag. Nobody likes a message or product that is constantly forced. Instead, be sure to take a step back and let the hashtag do its thing. Trust in the strategies you’ve implemented. Wait a while and if things are going slow, then you can check in again and re-share the hashtag. But always share with your prospect’s point of view in mind.

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