T-E-A-M Paragraphs!



As Founder and CEO – and possessing distinctively curly goldilocks – Robin long has been the “mane stay” as the head (and face) of Paragraphs. Sure, she’s worn many hats since the company’s founding in 1987 – from chief creative cook to bottle washer – but the primary reason clients are loyal to Robin is because of what’s between her ears. Innovative brand strategy…compelling corporate identity…sustainable market positioning…If you want to make a name for yourself or your company’s brand, Robin is the one to call (just not during Property Brothers).

Likes: working with glass, photography (faces & places), skiing, travel, flatirons (both the Colorado mountain range and the hair-straightening device)



In between her celebrity stunt double gigs for Debra Winger (without glasses) and Tina Fey (with glasses), Rachel is President and a co-owner of Paragraphs. Nearly 30 years on the front lines developing award-winning materials provides invaluable insight and wisdom about what will work and how to get things done most efficiently. You want your creative process, production process and integrated marketing communications program to run tighter than a snare drum? Rachel will rock it for you. She will, she will…rock you!

Likes: Bon Jovi (Jon, to be specific), Lakepoint, Lucy the Wonderdog, summer concerts, purses (can you have too many?)


Vice President

She sells sea shells – and lots of other products, from pharmaceuticals to nutritionals – when she’s not spending time by the sea shore. When it comes to unfurling sails or global sales rollouts, Suzanne is at her best and in her element. With three decades of experience launching products and managing franchises for Baxter, Abbott and Takeda, Suzanne is a “seasoned sea captain”, successfully navigating the often turbulent waters of global competition, managed markets, medical and patient education, and FDA regulatory compliance.

Likes: Sailing, travel (by boat if possible), fine wine and dining (her preferred “cabs” come in a glass, not on the street), Vince Vaughn comedies and any dessert that starts with “chocolate”


Senior Brand Strategist

Olé…our team now includes a flamenco dancer (in training) who has helped complex organizations choreograph their marketing and brand strategy for over 15 years. While Kim may stomp her feet in the dance studio, she is a collaborative and creative strategic thinker and doer on the job. At home, Kim is a dedicated and caffeinated mom of two energetic boys.

Likes: all things Spanish, live music, dark chocolate, running, paddle boarding, and the Cubs (I ain’t afraid of no goats!)

Dislikes: drama and cold coffee


Senior Designer

If you need an international perspective – on brands, design or shoe shopping – no one, and I mean NO ONE, is more qualified than Dora. From Mexico City to Chicago to New Dehli and back to Sweet Home Chicago, Dora (our explorer) brings an artistic eye and sophisticated sensibility that is often imitated but never duplicated. Dora also speaks three languages fluently: Spanish, English and something we can’t print (but she only uses when encountering poor drivers).

Likes: Lola (her pup), color, chef Rick Bayless, Paul Klee, Joseph Cornell, traveling, eating and Helvetica (the font)


Senior Designer

You can NEVER have too many Carries in your organization. No, not the Stephen King kind. We’re talking the O-H…I-O nice and supernaturally gifted kind. Our Carrie uses her graphic design powers for good. She has created more brands than a cattle rancher and developed more identities than the CIA – all with a thoughtful grace and an elegant attention to detail.

Likes: Her kids, family vacations in Hawaii, fine wining and dining, white space, Ohio State Buckeyes football

Dislikes: the sea bass entrée from Butter in NYC (don’t ask!)


Account Executive

Forget about ZZ Top! Without a doubt, we have the top ZZ in the industry. (That’s Zach Zvonek to you and me.) Clean-shaven or bearded, this sharp dressed man loves the Denver Broncos, Chinese Food and doing whatever it takes to support new business outreach, office operations and our clients’ campaigns. Zach also enjoys rainy days, Xbox and people watching, but smiling…smiling’s his favorite!

Likes: Traveling. Islands. Spontaneity. Random smiles from strangers. Da Sox. Da Hawks. Winning.

Dislikes: The sound of someone chewing a banana. Humidity. Ketchup on hot dogs. Curling. People with no sense of humor.


Senior Designer

She’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. As a seasoned and savvy graphic designer, Tera has an exceptional eye for developing breakthrough creative for brands and websites, paired with an inexplicable taste for bad reality TV. The Kardashians have a hard time keeping up with Tera!

Likes: Country music, photography (especially her son and friends), ISU, The Bachelor, hot and spicy food



ENFJ-T personality. Lover of margaritas and all things lemon. Writer of words and proofer of punctuation. Her perfect weekend includes a breezy day; exploring antique shops, thrift shops, and farmer’s markets; and spending time with those she loves. Self-described bibliophile who wishes she had Joanna Gaines’ interior decorating skills and Southern charm. A tattooed tea drinking, concert-going, puppy lovin’ dreamer who actively seeks to make the world a happier, kinder place. Her only claim to fame is getting a typo corrected on LinkedIn.

Fancies: hot tea, literature, writing, wine, tattoos, Thai food, Harry Potter, Lloyd Dobler/Say Anything…, winter, and spring


Lead Developer, Project Manager

Robin was always partial to the West Coast rap scene: Tupac, N.W.A., Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, etc. So, when she decided to relocate to the left coast, we were happy to let her go there (without totally letting go :). Robin has been a part of Paragraphs’ professional web design services for over 10 years and continues to provide both strategic consulting as well as the occasional “glitter and sparkles” to help implement a cross-section of digital deliverables.

Likes: 50 Cent, animals, LA winters over Chicago winters, the beach, travel


Digital Producer, IT Specialist

As our systems administrator and resident “gadget guru”, Chris does WAY more than help everything run smoothly. He’s “tech multilingual”, able to talk tech with people across the information technology awareness spectrum – I.e., he’s fluent in geek (and can talk databases, flux capacitors and the like) but also can help those of us who can’t even spell IT be efficient and effective with our professional web design tools.

Likes: films and the art of cinema, photography, art, comedy, music, non fiction (hold the fan fiction) long walks on the beach and Coke Zero