Alternative Marketing to Stand Out from the Crowd

Alternative Marketing to Stand Out from the Crowd

3 alternative marketing techniques to try.

What’s the greatest common denominator among the most attention-grabbing marketing campaigns? It’s not spending the most on developing a commercial or hiring the most famous spokesperson. It’s not shock-value that stops the target but creates a negative perception. No, it’s good old-fashioned ingenuity. As marketers, that spark of unabashed creativity paired with excellent execution is what we live for!

If your marketing efforts are feeling stale, then it’s time to get inspired. We’re dishing out 3 alternative marketing techniques to get some creativity flowing for your brand. The goal of any brand is to stand out from the crowd, whether that means offering an innovative approach to a service, creating an aesthetic that is unlike anything else on the market or simply using new and innovative marketing techniques to get people’s attention. Here are a few marketing techniques that go beyond the traditional; techniques that grab people’s attention and help to differentiate brands among their competitors.

Try Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing aims to capture attention through highly organized, memorable stunts that are often performed or displayed in public spaces. Often, guerilla tactics cost way less than traditional print advertising or digital advertising, yet they make a huge impact. Nike executed a very successful campaign when they put “boots” (large cardboard cutouts of Nike sneakers) on random car tires throughout Paris on International Car Free Day. It captured people’s attention in real time and was also utilized as a print ad.

This type of outside-the-box creativity is what captures the minds of the people. By using creative tactics that are unexpected, brands can make a huge impact on people and increase the likelihood that people will spread brand awareness through word of mouth or by sharing their experience on social media.

Infiltrate Reddit

Reddit audiences are notorious for not taking to brands trying to advertise on the platform kindly- but some brands have been able to jump that hurdle by being transparent and real, and by letting the audience do the advertising for them.

Take Nissan, for example. In 2013, Nissan had two of its community managers ask Reditters what they would buy on Amazon right now if they could have one item. Nissan went on to purchase some of those items and treated some commenters to free premium Reddit memberships. The campaign then had a giant Amazon box (with a Nissan inside) driven around a small town until a Reditter saw it and posted a picture online. It ended up being the #1 spot on Reddit’s front page and gained a lot of traction.

Create a Multi-brand Strategy

The marketing of two or more of your products as completely different brands is a creative tactic that has multiple benefits. Your brand will, overall, have a greater presence than the competition, but what really stands out for us about this tactic is that it addresses the problem of consumers that like to experiment with different brands. If you have two “versions” of a product that are marketed as different brands, those people are more likely to try both your products.

Marketing must instantly grab attention to ensure differentiation from your competitors.  As a marketing and branding firm, we believe one of the best ways to do so is to engage in strategies that are outside the norm, creative, innovative and above all effective.

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