B2B Companies: New Ways You Can Market on Facebook

B2B Companies: New Ways You Can Market on Facebook

Rethinking how businesses connect on social media.

When it comes to Facebook, B2C marketers may be the artists in residence, but B2B marketers can use the social media giant to gain valuable exposure as well. If you often wonder how brands form relationships with other businesses on Facebook, you’re not alone.

Facebook works wonders for businesses trying to connect directly to consumers. B2C marketers can use the platform to advertise sales, launch new products and retarget buyers who may not have completed an order. But how can B2B marketers use the popularity of Facebook to form relationships with other businesses? Let’s first think about the goals of B2B marketing:

  • Increase awareness of a service or product
  • Collect information on potential leads
  • Gather information that help to better target prospects
  • Generate leads
  • Turn leads into sales

All these goals can be accomplished with Facebook. Read on for tips on connecting with other businesses on Facebook.

Show Off Your Company Culture

Having a company culture rich in good values and happy employees has long been a mainstay of good business. But how important is displaying your company culture to other brands?  A 2015 survey by Fortune Knowledge Group found that 59% of executives surveyed globally said that working with a company whose values and culture are a good fit is more important than their ability to innovate or their market domination. It’s pretty clear that company culture is a deciding factor in choosing a business partner for a lot of people.

Keeping that in mind, get visual—and personal—with your Facebook posts. Give other businesses a glimpse into your day-to-day environment by posting photos and videos of your unique employees. A peek into the values that drive your company every day can spark a connection that could turn into a long-term relationship. Take Southwest Airlines as an example, which paid tribute to one of its first ever female pilots by posting this video on their Facebook page:

This post displays Southwest’s commitment to their employees and how much they value their hard work. It also makes use of real-time content marketing, as it was posted during Women’s History Month (smart!). When you use Facebook to display a winning company culture, you’ll attract people that want to work with you, so don’t be afraid to inject a lot of personality into your posts.

Collect Data by Offering Free Information

Chances are, the perfect leads for your business are present all around Facebook. The beauty of Facebook is that you can use it to target people and businesses that are already interested in the services you offer. Create a free webinar or eBook in which your prospects would be interested. Next, promote the content by creating a Facebook ad that targets your ideal audience. You can do this by inputting email addresses of leads you may already have or targeting the profiles of people with specific job titles, age group or gender. Now that you have your targeted audience in place, make the people that want to view your content give you an email address in exchange. This will give you a great way to have already made an impression on your prospects once you reach out to them or vice versa.

Retarget Your Warm Prospects

Inevitably, people will visit your website and nothing will come of it. However, any good B2B company will see that as an opportunity; after all, they did visit your website! How can we turn these bounced users into a pool of warm prospects? Install a Facebook tracking pixel on your company website. Anyone that visits your website from Facebook will be saved into a custom audience that you can then retarget with Facebook ads at a later time. Now when you retarget those people with a Facebook ad in the future, they’ll already be familiar with who you are as a company, and familiarity is always a bonus in branding.

Despite the dominance of B2C marketing on Facebook, B2B marketers can make a big impact. Facebook’s pool of user data is unrivaled, so put it to good use! By injecting your brand’s personality into your posts and displaying what you have to offer to the right people, you can make a big splash in the eyes of other brands. Be persistent – collecting data takes time, effort, and a lot of trial and error. As a B2B marketing company, Paragraphs knows the effort it takes, and we can help your brand make connections that will get results. Contact Paragraphs today to start building your branding strategy.

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