Craft Your B2B Content Strategy: Find Your Audience

Craft Your B2B Content Strategy: Find Your Audience

Your 3rd step in creating a B2B content strategy.

There are five critical strategy steps every B2B company should take before diving into social media or content marketing. Use these links to learn about the steps we’ve already covered: Step 1 | Step 2

Knowing your audience is critical to the success of any content plan. Developing ideal customer profiles may require a bit of time and investment, but these efforts usually pay for themselves very quickly.

First, an understanding of your prospects will help you choose your channels strategically. A few interviews with existing clients or prospects who match your profile is likely to point to clear patterns of social media use.

A C-level audience, for example, might consider Facebook frivolous but spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. Dig a little deeper and you may discover that they’re drawn to certain sub-groups that cater to their vertical or horizontal market, or to individuals with their specific job title. You may even find it beneficial for a member of your team to join these groups.

During this process, you may also uncover non-social outlets such as blogs or other websites that resonate with your audience. These are good places for you to suggest making guest contributions, either with excerpts from your regular schedule or new content targeted toward a relevant segment of your audience. In some cases, these specialized sites can attract higher-quality prospects than traditional social media channels.

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