The 4th step in building a content strategy.

There are five critical strategy steps every B2B company should take before diving into social media or content marketing. Use these links to learn about the steps we’ve already covered: Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3

As you learn what appeals to the needs and desires of your audience, start building a rough list of subjects they’re likely to find interesting. Some topics will provide material for one or two pieces, while others will suggest ongoing themes that can be revisited regularly. Try to define each topic in ten words or less, using clear, one-sentence descriptions.

When selecting topics, pay close attention to the needs and desires of the audience you want to reach. Targeted content that suggests a solution to their challenges or answers one of their burning question is far more effective than a blatant sales pitch—and more likely to get forwarded to prospects you haven’t found on your own.

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