Set Measurable Goals for Effective B2B Marketing Strategy

Set Measurable Goals for Effective B2B Marketing Strategy

What is the purpose of your strategy? 

Even a small amount of advanced planning and strategic follow-up can energize and transform your online and social media marketing efforts. We break our approach into five parts that establish a framework for building successful campaigns.

Our first step is to establish Measurable Goals, because knowing what you want to achieve with each of your social media campaigns is critical. As simple as it sounds, having a desired result makes every other part of the process clear including what you create, whose needs you strive to satisfy, where you post content, and what you measure to determine success.

Goals define your general intentions by answering the question, “What do we want?” Your goal for a particular campaign might be:

  • Increase targeted traffic to your website
  • Become an authority on a specific topic
  • Expand your visibility

Your organization may have multiple goals for its online marketing strategies, and that’s fine. When building each social media campaign, however, it’s best to focus on a single goal. If you want to work toward multiple goals at once, it’s far more effective to create separate campaigns for each one.

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