“Cold” emailing is an art and a science.

If someone asked you what the primary goal of a cold email is, what would you say? Most people automatically go to the big picture and think of lead generation. But this type of large scope thinking can hinder the effectiveness of a B2B pitch email. In this case, think smaller: The primary goal of your B2B pitch email should be simply to get read. Luckily, there’s some science behind persuading people to do so.

Effectively persuading people to read your B2b pitch email relies on techniques that copywriters have used for years. These techniques grab people’s attention—and, most importantly, hold it—until you can hook them on your service.  


Presenting a problem first is extremely effective since people take preventative measures to avoid problems down the road. Motivate people by getting them to imagine life with a problem rather than without one.

Remember PAS:

  • Problem
  • Agitate
  • Solve

You’ll want to open with a problem your prospect could be facing or face in the future.

“I see on your company website that you’re hiring a project manager to keep track of sales activity.”

Next, you’ll want to agitate that problem.

“Did you know that without using software for this, you are 25% more likely to lose data?”

Finally, reel them in by solving this problem they will undoubtedly face.

“Our software handles all sales activity efficiently and seamlessly. When can we connect to make sure you don’t run into this common problem?”

The 3 B’s

This tactic is simple and to the point, which is exactly why it works. In just a short amount of  time, you can persuade people to be interested in what you have to offer.

Remember the 3 B’s:

  • Brevity
  • Blunt
  • Basic

Research has shown that short emails get quicker responses. Why? Because if someone can easily and quickly determine that what you’re offering is interesting to them, it won’t seem like a chore for them to respond. Even sending a simple email asking a prospect to give you a call back gets a higher response rate than long, detailed emails.

That’s why your email should be short (brevity), to the point (blunt) and without superfluous language or special type treatments (basic). 

The 3 P’s

This well-known tactic relies on drawing from psychological techniques:

  • Praise
  • Picture
  • Push

Start off by praising your prospect in some way.

You can recognize their storied career or recent achievements (do a little homework). This type of compliment is perceived as a social reward to the brain and is a great jumping off point.

Next, get the prospect to picture a problem they have that can be solved by the solution that you’re selling.

“Studies show that collaborative working is much more difficult without simple, easy-to-use mobile document sharing software. Our software allows convenient, on-the-go document editing and sharing capabilities that are tailored to your business’ needs.”

Lastly, push them to curiosity. Give them a taste of what you have to offer but just enough to spark their interest.

“Can we speak on Tuesday at 10:00 AM to discuss how our mobile document sharing software has increased our clients’ productivity?”


This tactic requires a little research but is worth the time invested:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Grab your reader’s attention by bringing up something about them or their company that is factual.

“On LinkedIn, I saw that you are seeking a marketing and branding professional to work on your corporate identity.”

Next, cultivate interest.

“My marketing company specializes in corporate identity and we’ve had a lot of success in industries like yours.”

Now that you’re holding their interest, make them desire more.

“After providing corporate identity branding for X company, we got the following results: _________________.”

Finally, seek action.

“How can we start working together? When is a good time to connect?”

B2B Pitch Emails that Work

These B2B pitch formulas work, plain and simple. They persuade readers to take action without appearing too contrived or inauthentic and best of all, they leave so much room to input your own creativity and personal touch. Try these out and see which ones work best for you. You’ll save a bunch of time and increase your leads in the process!

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