How to Become a Design-Led Company

How to Become a Design-Led Company

Great design is integral to business success.

According to the Design Value Index, companies driven by design have outperformed the S&P index by 219% over the last 10 years. If that statistic doesn’t inspire you to place huge value on design, we’re not sure anything else will. It’s one thing to decide to put more emphasis on design, but it’s another to do so effectively.  As a design driven business ourselves, we’ve identified how this can be achieved.

Customize User Experience

As technology advances and the variety of devices increases, creating excellent user experiences has become more vital than ever. When every aspect of a brand, from blogging and social media to promotional advertisements, is considered from a design perspective, lasting impressions are made on consumers. Design gives consumers insight into the overall quality of a brand, so tailoring design to ensure quality across every platform is essential to creating a successful user experience.

As the number of digital platforms increases, the speed at which content needs to be customized increases. This means that being able to quickly put out high quality content without sacrificing design integrity is key to success. But how can companies increase their pace without seeing a decline in the quality of their work? By utilizing new technologies that allow creativity to be quickly captured and transformed, and by creating a work environment that fosters successful teamwork and creativity.

Redesign Workflow

Creativity can happen anywhere, and inspiration often comes outside the traditional office setting. It is pivotal that teams are able to quickly access creative materials on any device at any time. Mobile apps and collaborative file sharing tools that store information on cloud based servers have made this possible. With easily accessible and editable information in highly organized systems, workflow becomes more efficient and maintains quality; creating customized digital user experiences is no longer segmented and time consuming. Providing the necessary tools to your team is the first step in revolutionizing your workflow.

Create a Design-Focused Company Culture

According to a study by Forrester, companies that support creativity and value design as a top priority have a greater market share by a factor of 1.5 compared to those that don’t. In order to successfully transform into a design led company, you have to have the right people working at the helm: Leaders who will mold a company culture that is focused on creativity. This could mean appointing a creative director or simply hiring employees that have experience and interest in design.

Companies that devote their efforts to exceptional design will reap the rewards. It starts by understanding the importance of design in a world where technology has opened the floodgates of competition, allowing more companies to get their foot in the door with less resources and connections than ever before. Stay ahead of the competition by producing more content with better design. Prioritize user experience and above all, give your team the tools they need to succeed and stay motivated.

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