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Ah, Fall. It’s that time of year when more than leaves change – attitudes change. People shift from “summer vacation fun” to “back-to-school/back-to-business seriousness.” As brand marketers, anything that impacts a change in attitudes and behaviors deserves our attention. In this Fall edition of BRANDnews, we’ll discuss how you can become more innovative – and what might be stopping you. We’ll explore the sporting side of life and how one university took ownership of a single word to define it’s value proposition and for concert goers we’ll review the value of a practical and “pin–worthy” premium to build brand loyalty in the social age. Finally, because October is breast cancer awareness month, we celebrate the organization Pink Heals for their outstanding work supporting cancer patients and their families in our local communities – a cause that has a very personal connection for us at Paragraphs. Enjoy the colors, enjoy the Newsletter…and Happy Football Season!

Pink Heals

By Rachel Radtke


Pink is not just a color; pink is the color of women. Pink represents support, love, family and tenderness. October is breast cancer awareness month and Pink Heals is an organization that brings love and support to those impacted by illnesses in local communities. Read more…

Bingeable: Binge Watching TV

By Kari Magda


TV fanatics are everywhere these days. Much of the credit (or blame) could go to media marketers who have changed the game of television and the television apps that let you watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want. Read more…

No Kooz, You Lose

By Tera Duckhorn


Can Cooler. Beer Hugger. Candom. Coolie. There are many names for the brandable and ever-practical sleeve of neoprene designed to keep your beer cold (and your hand warm when it’s chilly outside).  Me? I call it a Koozie. And I have about a hundred in my collection! Read more…

THE Ohio State University – Standing Out from the Rest

By Carrie Ceresa


“Why do the Buckeyes call themselves THE Ohio State University?” It’s actually a question that I have been asked more times than I can count by friends and acquaintances all over the country. Well, this is an article to talk about THE marketing genius behind using a definite article (THE) as Ohio State’s defining brand differentiator. Read more…

7 Ways to Think Like an Innovator

By Robin Zvonek

Why is innovation so hard for most people? Because we are comfortable doing things the same way because it’s safe. Our brains are wired to protect us so we continue to stay in the “don’t rock my world” zone. Innovation is at the core of everything that will help us grow personally and professionally. So let’s consider a few ways to think like an innovator. Read more…