ParaWork: Videojet

Our work in the manufacturing industry established a global sustainability campaign. Strategy | Positioning | Messaging | Storyboarding | Copywriting | Video | Brochures | Posters | Language Translation The Situation Videojet (a Danaher Corporation [...]

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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Upon its development in the 1960s, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was the first vision of the Internet. But it wasn’t until [...]

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How to Tell Companies Apart Nike. McDonald’s. Starbucks. Google. Calvin Klein.   These companies are household names. They established themselves not only because of the products/services they offer [...]

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B2B Marketing

What is B2B Marketing? Marketing has come a long way since its beginning in the 1450s, when Gutenburg’s printing press made mass printing possible. Now there are new mediums [...]

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ParaWork: IBM Watson

Our work in the technology industry focused on C-level marketing communication. Positioning and Messaging | Content Development | Collateral Design | Printed Marketing Collateral The Situation IBM Watson [...]

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ParaWork: Hyatt Thrive

Our work in the hospitality industry established a global sustainability campaign. Positioning | Strategy | Naming | Message Development | Graphic Design | Copywriting | Collateral Development | [...]

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