Brand Consultancy: Responding to a Rival Brand

Brand Consultancy: Responding to a Rival Brand

How to best your biggest competitors.

The goal of our brand consultancy service is to assist all of our client businesses with their branding concerns. One key issue for branding your business is: How do I handle competition? At Paragraphs, we look at it as an opportunity to strengthen your own brand, and in turn, your productivity. Here are a few ways that we work to increase your brand productivity in the face of rival businesses.

Take in the Market’s Concerns

Have you ever noticed how the companies with the best commercials are the ones that show the market’s best interests? The same principle works for enhancing a brand. Successful brand marketing showcases not just what the product does, but also what the company believes in. Leadership expert Simon Sinek is known for his statement on this philosophy: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Sinek explains how companies are much more inspiring when they lead with the reason they want to serve the market, rather than starting with what the service literally is. This message gives the market more reason to trust your brand over the rival brand.

Listen to the Complaints

Paragraphs’ brand consultancy understands that although a company seems to be doing better, it does not mean that they are perfect. In our digital age, reviews and comments are posted everywhere. One way to increase trust for your brand is to look for holes in the market. If the market is searching for a service that is a rarity, then incorporate that into your brand message. The market will therefore see that you offer what they care about, and therefore they will see consideration as a core value of your brand. Our brand consultancy can help you with where to start looking for market-needs and desires.

Be the Best That Only You Can Be

A rival brand basically does the same thing that you do. However, they become a rival when the market thinks that they are the better service. The best thing you can do is to let their rise in quality motivate you into increasing your own quality. This is where friendly competition occurs. You do not have to change the foundation of what you do; you just have to make it easier and more efficient than the other guy. Another thing to remember is to not try to one-up the competition through unnecessary change. Many companies try to create stunts and new business foundations in order to seem more exciting than the competition. The problem with that is that the company often forgets to focus on their own business.

Respond to Your Rivals

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