5 ways to make sure you like—and can deliver—what your brand is promising.

Every brand makes a promise, but not every brand can fulfill it. Because your brand is assessed, judged and assigned a value in your customer’s mind almost instantaneously, it’s critical to creating preference and generating repeat business in the healthcare market.

In an ideal world, how you name and position your healthcare brand will imply its promise. Here are five things to consider to make sure your brand carries the authenticity that builds consumer trust:

1. Who are we and where are we going?

Before you reach out to your customers, it’s essential to know who you are and where you’re going. If your company is a rising star with a market-disrupting innovation, you’ll need to approach your brand differently than a century-old multinational with a long-established voice. Keep company traits like these in mind as you consider:

  • Does your company have a strong reputation (good or bad) or are you a newcomer hoping to establish credibility?
  • Are you planning to build on past success or looking to move in a new direction?
  • What does your company truly value? Be honest — even a little “spin” will turn customers away.

Including company traits into your brand messaging will help strengthen your brand and keep your promises.

2. What are our unmatched strengths?

Capitalize on your strengths, especially the benefits you know you can provide. Think about what makes you different. Is your brand the most effective on the market in its category? Innovation is a big plus — look for something you can provide that customers can’t get from any other brand. Also don’t overlook current, “tried and true” core competencies you already have.  There may be a hidden gem that’s waiting to be found, differentiated and leveraged more effectively.

3. Who and where are our customers—today and tomorrow?

It’s not enough to think you know everything about who and where your current customers are. Even a small amount of customer-focused research can reveal that you may be moving in the wrong direction — or that your customers are starting to move in a new direction. The insights we glean from research almost invariably uncover big opportunities you might be missing — and where the market is going.

4. What do our customers want and need… And how quickly is it changing?

Note that this is actually two questions—what your customers need and what they want may not actually be the same thing. It’s important to be in tune with when those two attributes are in closest alignment for your customers—and have your brand be top of mind at the right time — because the intersection of want and need usually translates into purchase urgency.

5. Does our brand satisfy customer demand—every time?

It’s not enough to be authentic—your brand must also be relevant and valuable to your customers every time they purchase. As they say in financial portfolio disclaimers, past performance is not a guarantee of future results. In branding, however, it’s a pretty strong indicator. Every “miss” you have in fulfilling the brand promise can begin to erode your brand preference. Beyond the name, are the operational functions of your company — internal and external — aligned properly and supporting the brand?

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