Building a Brand for the Easter Bunny

Building a Brand for the Easter Bunny

Even the Easter Bunny needs a brand identity.

The Easter Bunny is one of the more elusive legendary holiday figures. Sure, we never see Santa come down the chimney and somehow, we can never quite find the leprechauns’ pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow—but we at least know how they look and what colors they wear.

We view the Easter Bunny as being wide-eyed and fluffy-tailed with a delicate pink nose; other than that, there isn’t much consensus. Does he wear a colorful patterned vest or a bowtie—or a vest and a bowtie? Does he wear glasses because he thinks they make him look smarter? Are his eyes all black or do they have green or blue irises? Is the Easter Bunny even male?

Don’t worry, we’ve hopped to the rescue.

We did what we do best: We developed a brand for the Easter Bunny, making it easy to maintain his or her whimsical aesthetic during the season. So, mall Easter Bunnies, take note.

Brand guidelines for the Easter Bunny

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