Is Your Company Having a Brand Identity Crisis?

Is Your Company Having a Brand Identity Crisis?

Remember who you are.

Many companies are. The digital revolution has changed the game for all businesses. It has completely changed the marketing landscape and there is pressure to be everywhere with new information, engaging ideas and services and products that resonate with customers 1 on 1.

In 2015, mobile will be over 65% of how customers will find you, learn about you and make a decision of whether or not to use or buy your services or products.

In a rush to be heard digitally, there is often a “dilution” of the corporate identity and brand strategy.

So, how do you manage your identity and brand strategy in this ever-changing media landscape? You MUST have a control program – an identity manual that ensures your company stays on brand. Typical identity manuals address the logo, the imagery, the color palette, fonts, message platform and basic implementation for marketing. Many do not address the digital differences. Everything on the web and especially in mobile translates differently – colors, fonts, images and more. “More” means your messaging. You can’t “pack” all of your well-written content into the digital space. No one is going to read War and Peace online. Less is more.

Your identity and brand strategy is the complete package and it needs to be tailored by the channels you choose. You may be the best in your industry but if your identity and brand do not digitally translate effectively – your identity is in crisis.

Make sure you know who is following your company. Make sure you know your customers well. Make sure you know how your sales force and marketers are using the web. And, make sure your identity and brand is working digitally so you can enhance interest and engagement. Your identity and brand strategy is a core asset of your company – so protect it and sustain it across all media with a control program.

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