Brand Story

Brand Story

Quote from Seth Godin on the importance of a brand story to marketing.

Storytelling is an Art.

And it’s one of the oldest art forms in the world. From rudimentary cave paintings to oral recitations to vlogs (video blogs), storytelling has been around in some capacity for the past 40,000 years. But it is not without purpose: It’s how people have recorded their histories, passed on traditions and shared information across land and sea.

When you tell your brand story, you take your company’s brand and, in oral, visual and digital forms, and telling the who, what, why and how of your company in a way that resonates with your customers and emotionally ties them to your brand.

Why You Need to Tell Your Brand Story

Motivational speaker and marketing consultant Simon Sinek best sums why you need to tell your brand story: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

Think of not-for-profit organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Red Cross or local/smaller grassroots organizations. People dedicate their money and time to these organizations because they connect with the organization’s story and/or have a similar life’s mission.

Now, imagine if the American Cancer Society said

“We raise money to fund cancer research”


“‘At the American Cancer Society, we’re on a mission to free the world from cancer. Until we do, we’ll be funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. All so you can live longer — and better.”

Now think of your business. What services do you offer, and do these services fill your target audiences’ needs? Great! Tell customers the story of how and why. Do you have strong core business values that drive your business? Tell customers the story of why.

Brand Story: What to Know

You know why you do what you do. Now make sure your audience knows. Here are some aspects to consider when developing your brand story.

Your brand story is for your audience…

Throughout your academic career, you have likely heard the phrase, “Write for your audience, not for yourself.” It seems obvious, right? But many convoluted, compound and/or complex sentences can make your work difficult to read. Unfamiliar terms or “fancy” vocabulary can alienate your audience. Choosing the wrong messaging or words to convey your story—or choosing the wrong platform—can distort the meaning.

But it’s more than your audience understanding your story: It’s about how the story affects them.

…and it should make them emotionally invested in your brand

Former Starbucks CEO and current executive chairman Howard Schultz said, “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

People are passionate about their values, as values help develop someone into the person they are. People associate with others who share similar values, so it makes sense that they would associate with brands that have similar values, too.

Tie your audience to your brand story, whether it talks about how you are in business to save lives or work toward a better economic tomorrow. When a story impacts your audiences’ lives, they’ll pay attention.

Formats and combinations are limitless

There are a multitude of ways to tell stories, from songs sung in Ancient Greece during festivals honoring the gods to the use of dance in tribal groups to convey history and war victories. We’re not saying you need to come up with a song and dance that tells your customers how your business fills their need, but you could.

Use audio and visual elements in a video, keep it short and simple through a tweet or craft brochures that help tell your story. Use a variety of formats, as some are best suited to tell a story than others. Not sure where to begin with your brand story? Give a call; we can help.

You may need to tell your story as a series

Writers don’t often give everything away at once. Sometimes, an author is only able to best tell a story through multiple installments. The same is true of your brand: You can keep a blog that offers weekly additions, send teasers through email or break down a large story into several social media posts. It doesn’t give your story away at once, offers an opportunity for more content and helps keep your audience invested in your story.

Brand Storytelling Offerings

Here’s how we can help you tell your best brand story.


Each day tasks marketers with telling their company’s brand story. At Paragraphs, we can help you tell your story and do so in a way that informs and inspires your audience. Sit down with us and tell us your brand’s story. By relaying your company’s mission, value, vision and passions to us, our writers can craft copy that best tells this story. If you’d prefer, you can send us pre-written copy and we can edit it to ensure that it translates your brand story well.

Content Development

High-level sales presentations, program brochures and other pieces of literature are abundant—but how do you make yours stand out against competitors? These are great tools to tell your story if  done well. A well-written and beautifully designed piece can help strengthen your brand.

At Paragraphs, we’ve developed stories for our clients in a myriad of forms from print to web. Our writers will craft informative, action-inspiring content while our designers will choose elements that will best convey your brand story visually.


Infographics are another great tool to tell stories and share data in a succinct, visually compelling manner. They’re versatile enough so they are appropriate for all industries and topics. And they are shareable on social media, websites and email, which helps your story travel further. So whether you have a great history, want to showcase your company’s timeline or convey how employees live the company’s mission, we’ll develop an infographic that makes your story sing.


Part of telling your brand story involves incorporating visual elements that can elevate the story. The right photography or graphic illustration can make copy more impactful versus text standing alone. Sometimes, one photograph can tell a story: It’s just a matter of discovering what that image is. From photography shoots to illustrations that suit your brand style, we can bring your story to life.

Social Media

Your audience lives online in some capacity, whether they receive newsletters from favorite bloggers, share thought pieces on LinkedIn or catch up with friends on Facebook. Because they spend a lot of time in this digital world, you should too. Here is where you fully immerse your audience in your story, from videos to clickable articles to properly targeted ads. Let us help you share your story with the world (wide web).

Let Us Tell You Our Brand Story

Paragraphs has been telling our clients’ stories for over 30 years, and our clients see the results of our work.

The reason behind our name is simple: We help tell our clients’ best stories. And what does every good story need to be a success?


Your company is a star. Isn’t it time people heard about it?

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