Every business has a story worth telling and writing it in an engaging, authentic manner will ensure your messages resonate with your key stakeholders. At its core, storytelling is art. Creatively telling your brand’s story must ensure customers emotionally connect with your business on a deeper level. As a full-service digital marketing agency, our mission is to bring your brand story to life.

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Tell Your Authentic Brand Story Often

There is an expression in the business world that people don’t buy what you do or your product, but why you do it. Think about the last time you made a buying decision. Did you go with an unknown brand that you have never used? Or did you go with something familiar and why? Because you were more familiar with the brand, you chose and felt comfortable making that choice. And you probably did so because you had a positive perception of the company’s story. People do that with your brand every single day.

Differentiated Content Development is Crucial

How can you make your brand stand out amongst the competition? That’s where creative content development comes into play. A well-written and beautifully designed content piece — whether digital or print — can effectively build and strengthen your brand. At Paragraphs, we develop stories for our clients that resonate with their stakeholders. Whether we are creating a print or digital story, we craft informative, actionable content that will best convey your brand’s story.

Visual Storytelling Supports Your Message

Visual elements are as essential as any written word, especially when it comes to your brand. One of the best ways to convey your brand messages is through infographics. Not only are they concise, but visually compelling and versatile enough to get your message across. Infographics are easy to share and as such, help your message travel further. One of the easiest ways to generate backlinks to your website is through engaging and sharable infographics. You can use them for social media, email marketing campaigns, or as supplemental content to your blog posts.

Much like infographics, photography and illustration can help tell the story of your brand. Yes, it’s true — a picture can say a thousand words. The right photographic image or illustrative style will quickly transmit the type of company you are. If you’re a “thinking” company, a consultant that needs to convey a process — then consider conceptual photography. If you have attractive products, show them off. If your message is grounded — so should your visuals be.

Social Media, Storytelling and Your Brand Strategy

Social media is the single most valuable storytelling tool in your branding arsenal. When you need to connect with and engage your audience, it’s essential to know how to reach them and where to find them. Not every social media platform is created equal.

Every target audience has its preferred way to consume content and each social media platform has its specific type of content unique to that user experience. Your content marketing strategy can’t be putting the same social media post across every channel.

If you want to reach an older audience, you should target Facebook over other platforms. Do you have a series of images or infographics that showcase new products or vital information? Then you should post it on Instagram or Twitter instead of on Snapchat or YouTube. Knowing what to post where, how to optimize it properly and the right time to post could be the difference between successfully representing your brand or seeing it flounder.

Paragraphs is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides both marketing strategy and branding services. As one of the county’s top marketing consulting firms, we’ll tell your story to the right audience to ensure your brand resonates with all your key stakeholders.