Branding Musts: Consistency and Publicity

Branding Musts: Consistency and Publicity

Two branding musts to keep in mind.

Good branding is one of those behind-the-scenes factors that make companies successful. When people talk about Coca Cola, one of the largest corporations in the world with one of the most aggressive and successful marketing campaigns, they don’t talk about how good their branding is. They talk about the taste of their product or the way that their advertisements make them feel. Yes, Coke tastes good, but that isn’t the point. The point is that Coke could taste terrible and that advertisement that makes it seem delicious actually serves to make Coke delicious. Coke has branded themselves as a family company whose products make us feel loved, taken care of and safe. Their logo and packaging go through changes but keep a general theme that make all of their products identifiable as theirs. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to be successful in one of the most important parts of running a business: Branding.


When cultivating a brand, it is extremely important to be consistent. Just as any good business provides consistently good service, you must also have a certain level of consistency in your logos, practices, mission, etc. If Hello Kitty suddenly changed their logo colors to black and red and began to establish themselves as a darker, less kid-friendly company, they would undoubtedly lose two things: customers and brand recognition. All of those loyal customers that Hello Kitty spend decades amassing will not be able to recognize their new products as theirs, and thus sales will go down. Choosing a theme and sticking with it is vital to cultivating a brand successfully.


It’s like the old adage: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  If your product is amazing, but nobody knows what it is, does it even matter how good it is? Making sure that your brand is on display, whether that be on television, in stores, or in a newspaper ad, is absolutely necessary for any level of branding success. Cultivating a brand is basically about letting the public get to know you.  If you have no relationship with the public, then how could that be possible? When first starting out, sometimes a good branding move is giving away merchandise with your logo, offering free promotions that emphasize your company’s mission, or even handing out flyers on the sidewalk.

Regardless of whether your company is decades old or brand new, making sure that the public knows who you are and what you’re about are the two most important factors in marketing. Professional branding companies know the right things to do to get your brand to be as specific, recognizable and successful as possible, so contact Paragraphs for a consultation today!

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