Branding Objectives for the Energy Industry

Branding Objectives for the Energy Industry

Make your marketing electric with these energy industry objectives. 

Every industry is unique in what they provide, so their branding and corporate identity need to be in line with their service. Here at Paragraphs (a full-service marketing agency), we specialize in branding for multiple industries, each with their own goals and target audiences in mind. One of those is the energy industry, in which there are several divisions, including oil, nuclear, renewable and coal. To help give you a better idea of our branding approach, here are some key objectives for creating an electrifying corporate identity for a company in the energy industry.

Getting the Message Out

As a marketing agency, we understand that energy companies can utilize two main avenues to increase brand awareness: planting the message and acting out the message. Planting the message refers to stating who or what your company is and what values it holds. An energy company may focus on coal and value sustainability efforts. Acting out the message is bringing these messages to life by actively participating in or developing sustainability processes. If you do not actively commit to your message, your audience will not believe in your brand.


What sets your company apart from the others? The energy sector offers little room for differentiation: Coal is coal and wind energy is wind energy. How will you get your customers to choose your products or services over another? What is it that makes you more appealing than other companies? Are you leading with renewable energy? Are you providing lower prices? Each company will have a differentiator that can be expressed through a brand identity. Therefore, in a competitive industry with few differentiators, having a unique brand will help you stand out.

Energy in Motion

Customers do not purchase from companies they do not trust, so it’s necessary you maintain a sense of trust with your customers. If you say you are going to offer something, you must follow through. Credibility is vital, especially in an industry on which people rely daily; they need to trust you will consistently produce. You must stay innovative to keep up with competition and future energy demands. Whether that’s through new technology or lowered prices is up to you to decide. Whatever you do, you must ensure customers trust your brand, and the only way to gain their trust is to adhere to the promise and values you established in your brand identity.

Core Branding Design

At Paragraphs, our marketing agency has helped clients in the energy sector develop brand identities and messaging that works for their companies. Your identity should express your company’s main goal: Are you looking for new ways to harness renewable resources? Are you committed to making coal a safer product for the environment? Base your brand identity on this goal and all future messaging will then revolve around this brand.

Has your brand grown dim? Are you in the dark about the branding process? Contact Paragraphs today to find out how we can energize your brand identity.

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