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Baxter Healthcare, a leader in the industry with deep roots in manufacturing compounding equipment, wanted to broaden their market share. What better way to do this then help customers engage in their own compounding when the market is ripe for this type of “insourcing”?


Beginning with research, we interviewed hospital pharmacists who had a deep understanding of the pros and cons and who understood the value compounding in the hospital would bring to the institution. With “quantifiable savings” a case could easily be made for insourcing.

Our busy target audience is constantly inundated with sales literature so we knew we had to break through the clutter. The concept was simple, straightforward and ties into what most people already understand: If you do it yourself, you will save money. There was a clear call to action in “Get moving with Baxter.” Baxter has the experts to guide you, “drive you” to your goal. There are savings, they can be quantified and we can show you the road to success. Customers who insource can quantify savings, and Baxter can show you how to follow this best practice.


Both educational and informative for internal and external audiences, the campaign was a resounding success and made it easy for the sales team to explain the process and help their customers realize results.


This simple ad introduces the campaign by putting the pharmacists in control of saving costs—with the assistance of an experienced, committed partner.


Remember traditional maps? We did and it became the perfect sales leave behind.

Sales Presentation

A clean, crisp, easy-to-use sales presentation extends and enhances the storytelling behind this campaign.