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Coca-Cola FEMSA came to Paragraphs to help them communicate their investor relations strategy in the United States. Since most of their investors were from the States, they wanted a firm with deep expertise and proven success in annual report communications.


The process began with extensive research on Coca-Cola FEMSA and their historic investor relations communications and dissemination strategy. Next, Paragraphs benchmarked other competitors in their industry both here and abroad. The goal was to differentiate Coca-Cola FEMSA by separating them from the pack and positioning them as a leader when marketing to their specific niches.

Coco-Cola FEMSA has deep knowledge of every customer in every market and it is key to their success in every country in Latin America. There was a delicate balance needed to tell the story of their intelligence and how it would impact the stock price. Each report needed to be produced in both print and web.


The impact of both the print and web annual reports was immediate. Each annual report received strong support and praise from Coca-Cola FEMSA executives. Paragraphs also won numerous “best” and “first place” awards each year from LACP and Graphic Design USA to ARC, CA Design, Print Magazine and more. The web and print versions won best in their respective categories year-over-year, scoring at the top of the pack against many diverse Fortune 100 Companies.

LACP named “Paragraphs Agency of the Year” in the Americas for several years running due to the creativity and innovative execution of these annual reports. (The reports scored 98 and 99 out of a 100 for several years running.)

“Road to Success” Annual Report

Several acquisitions now gave Coca-Cola FEMSA bottling and distribution rights throughout all of South America. This annual report cleverly tells the story of each country and how it will impact the “whole” of Coca-Cola FEMSA Latin America.

“THINK” Annual Report

Both print and online versions graphically tell the story of CCF “thinking outside the bottle”— way before Taco Bell “thought outside the bun” and way past everyone “thinking outside the box.”


Online translations of the investor relations story was critical to appeal to both the United States and Latin American markets—in their own languages.