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As Diamond approached its 10th anniversary as a publicly traded entity, the company wanted to leverage the landmark occasion to both celebrate their accomplishments and speak to target audiences about their plans for continued growth.

To achieve these objectives, Diamond enlisted Paragraphs’ help in recasting and repositioning the company; developing the campaign’s key messages, theme and tone; and designing a smart look and feel that conveyed thought leadership.


Senior management stated the goal was to position Diamond as the world’s premier consulting firm, residing at the intersections of business, technology, strategy and execution.


“I am Diamond” was hailed by the investment community, customers and employees alike. The new CEO enjoyed a smooth transition and the business grew year-over-year, adding new clients and new associates. The effort garnered numerous awards from international business communications and creative design competitions for its originality, design, message and execution. Paragraphs continued working with Diamond on several strategic marketing and design initiatives—from investor communications to advertising to capabilities’ presentations and animated interactive videos—until Diamond was acquired by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Annual Report

Positioning high-tech, consulting capabilities across all industries was achieved with innovative, unusual thinking and storytelling that stopped shareholders in their tracks, winning countless best of show and first place awards year-after-year.

Corporate Identity

After several mergers and divestitures, the identity was redesigned to convey Diamond’s focused approach to solving highly technical, contemporary, technology issues.