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Exelon is the largest energy utility in the country, serving customers from the central US throughout the east coast. The organization continues to grow and evolve through strategic acquisitions. The understanding of their brand and how to extend, enhance and ensure continuity is critical.

For over 10 years Paragraphs has been a strategic and creative partner for all of Exelon’s corporate communications both internally and externally.


By keeping abreast of the utility marketplace, we ensure that we can best help differentiate Exelon within their approved identity standards. We produce everything from the annual report and the corporate sustainability report to fact books, diversity and inclusion reports and the quarterly internal newsletter—Inside Exelon.


Paragraphs’ work for Exelon has won substantial recognition from prestigious organizations such as LACP, ARC, Galaxy, Spectrum, PR Platinum Awards and more. The success of this partnership allows us to continue to help Exelon build and sustain a world-class brand in the eyes of analysts, shareholders, customers and employees.

Sustainability Report

As the largest utility in the country, Exelon excels at sustainability across all business endeavors. Whether conservation or community contributions, we’re proud to help tell the story.

Annual Report

Both print and online annual reports for Exelon have won top honors against companies within the energy industry and all Fortune 500.


Communicating cross-culturally is always a challenge, but is made easier when newsletters are utilized to chat with employees on a regular bi-monthly basis.

Diversity & Inclusion Report

How do you engage employees and ensure diversity and inclusion? With open, engaging, transparent reporting. There’s a reason Exelon is consistently voted as one of the “best places to work.”