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  • Global Launch


Hyatt is a household name and a recognized global leader in the hospitality industry. Beyond the exceptional hotel properties and first class service that are the company’s hallmarks, Hyatt’s aspiration is to one day be noted for its leadership on a wide array of sustainability initiatives that impact our planet. As a large multi-national company, Hyatt has pursued green initiatives for a number of years. The brand that encompasses all of Hyatt’s ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility programs is Hyatt Thrive.


Hyatt engaged Paragraphs to help with the envisioning, creation and delivery of its Sustainability Strategy, v. 2.0. The challenge was two-fold: Help set appropriate, aspirational and attainable goals across a range of target performance areas (water, energy, waste, supply chain and future innovation) and create communication materials that would be easily understood and inspire Hyatt’s 95,000 employees. Paragraphs named the new and improved strategy, “A Sustainable Plan for a Sustainable Planet.” Deliverables included a teaser/coming soon video, a launch video, web landing page, internal posters and Hyatt’s Green Blueprint—a detailed PDF that outlined the multi-year plan including targets and timelines.


Launched in the summer of 2015, Hyatt’s employee engagement and traffic on the Hyatt Thrive site have reached all time highs. Metrics are in place to track the effectiveness of meeting goals year-over-year, region by region, as the plan is implemented around the world.

Sustainability Strategy 2.0

Crafting Hyatt’s “Sustainable Plan for a Sustainable Planet” featured a wide range of activities and deliverables, including the design and copywriting of the “Green Blueprint”—a user-friendly document and site that outlined the strategic objectives in easy-to-understand terms and metrics.

Coming Soon & Launch Video

A key to engaging Hyatt employees worldwide was developing video shorts that were both inspirational and educational.