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Nx Signature seeks to scientifically personalize a natural health and wellness protocol for inflammatory conditions such as depression, insomnia and fatigue. After medical samples are analyzed and the reason for the inflammation is determined, individual programs are developed. Nx Signature needed an identity that would reflect their mission to provide personalized holistic health recommendations based on “real science.”


Paragraphs was hired to develop the brand identity for this new, naturopathic company. After research, analysis and an extensive nomenclature study, Paragraphs recommended the name Nx Signature. This name helps convey the idea of individualized treatment: 1. Nx stands for the concept of a natural prescription 2. Signature references both the physician’s signature on a prescription as well as the individual personalized aspect of the health analysis and treatment The logo for Nx Signature includes a green fingerprint as the mark, which clearly ties into personalized care. It is made up of words that convey key messages about the conditions and wellness an individual will soon realize. In addition to the core identity—including the website and business papers—test kits were designed along with personalized assessment reports, diet recommendations and more.


The consensus of the brand and identity were reached easily as all understood the power behind the name, the identity and the brand messaging. The results have been a powerful acceptance of this new care strategy with an immediate understanding by both prospective customers and vendors. As a result, the growth of this company through the addition of several adjunct services is now in progress.


The new Nx Signature logo is a simple, clean font with an accompanying fingerprint, which relates to the personalized treatment that Nx Signature offers their customers. The groove of the fingerprint is made of phrases relating to the product, such as “personalized holistic care” and “feel better naturally.”


The design for the Nx Signature website was kept simple and clean for easy navigation. The UI/UX is designed with the “older persona” in mind who may be unfamiliar with how to follow the assessment process.

Collateral Design

Collateral design includes the customized health reports, business cards and test kit. These collateral pieces help reinforce the overall Nx Signature brand.