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The Quantum Group is known for high quality printing and specialty coatings. While their services have evolved over the years to include sophisticated technological capabilities beyond printing, the company was still marketing itself like a traditional printing company. Paragraphs was brought in for a SWOT analysis and to ascertain the issues Quantum had in marketing.


Paragraphs conducted qualitative and quantitative research including a gap analysis. We restructured the sales group for organizational optimization. We defined vertical markets and develop a positioning and thought leadership strategy that would lay the groundwork for the evolution of the company in today’s market.

We created a new category for the services Quantum offers: Enterprise Marketing Execution (EME).

The company’s vision, mission and values were developed and vertical markets were clarified to organize the selling process—making it easier for both the sales staff and customers to understand the firm’s offerings. Technologies were productized, named and defined.

The new Quantum brand identity provides a distinctive verbal and visual platform for marketing. The “Leap Ahead” content marketing program gives Quantum a unified platform to help explain and sell their services to all key markets.


Quantum has been re-invented and re-energized. They are marketing new (and existing) services to a wider array of clients with a linear focus that helps their sales staff achieve upgraded sales goals. The optimized website generates new client leads weekly.

Corporate Brochure

A variety of Quantum printing techniques shine through this corporate marketing brochure which has it all—client quotes, service descriptions and more.

Brand Video

A quick two minute video digitally enhances the brand and speaks to “Who is Quantum?”—educating both internal and external stakeholders.

Marketing Collateral

Flexibility is the hallmark of this design, allowing for a complete packaging of the brand and/or vertical market tailoring by the sales team.