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During a top secret R&D project, Paragraphs was hired to position, brand and execute the global launch and rollout of a next-generation flagship hybrid imaging system. In the two years since Siemens introduced the first-ever PET/CT system—the biograph™—their primary competitor had been marketing aggressively to shape perceptions that they—and not Siemens—were the pioneers of hybrid imaging. Despite not having a PET/CT system to sell, Siemens’ competitor was achieving the desired effect: They were freezing the market until they could get there with a real product.


In order to change the conversation in the marketplace, Paragraphs determined Siemens needed to raise the bar on the competition—and on customers’ expectations. The central message of the global campaign declared Siemens’ intentions clearly: The biograph Sensation 16 was “The New Equation in PET/CT.” Paragraphs focused the communications materials and positioned the product around the differentiated strengths customers saw in Siemens—exceptional science and precision engineering. A teaser campaign in print and online used intriguing scientific equations (15>30, u/16, 1+1 = infinity) to pique interest. Paragraphs also facilitated Siemens’ first cross-selling initiative (between Nuclear Medicine and CT). The grand unveiling at the RSNA trade show (the world’s largest gathering of medical professionals) drew standing room only crowds all five days.


All told, more than 30 deliverables were produced to support the launch. More systems were purchased on the floor than were budgeted for the year and for the first time ever each modality experienced a bump in sales due to traffic generated by the biograph Sensation 16. The biograph remains the flagship brand for Siemens and has been extended to other hybrid imaging systems.

Product Brochure & Sales Tools

The “pocket brochure” designed by Paragraphs was so successful, it has become a standard sales tool for Siemens Medical.