• Research
  • Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Storyboarding/Copywriting
  • Animation/Illustration
  • Video


Stericycle, the industry leader in helping hospitals more effectively manage waste streams and improve enterprise-wide sustainable business practices, was facing a formidable challenge from a large waste management provider that was seeking to make inroads into the nearly $3 billion hospital medical waste market. Stericycle’s competitor was trying to frame the narrative in the marketplace around the premise that a re-manufactured waste container (which they were selling) was a more environmentally responsible choice than the reusable waste container Stericycle deployed.


After assessing the competitive landscape—including evaluation of current customer and target audience perceptions, competitive positioning, messages and materials—we determined that a direct comparative approach was the best strategy.

Because this was a case of two “competing narratives” for what environmental best practices really were, we wanted to illustrate the differences in a pointed, plain-spoken and fact-based style that drew obvious, “common sense” conclusions.

The centerpiece of the campaign was a short, high-impact animated video that compared and contrasted Stericycle’s reusable containers against the competitor’s re-manufactured containers.


With a global debut at the industry’s largest trade show, the animated video completely changed the dialogue in the marketplace and created a new bar of proof points that the competition could not counter. Stericycle not only protected their installed base but also were able to acquire new accounts based on their now preferred and more sustainable waste container.

Illustration & Messaging

The distinctive illustrated animation style provided a compelling visual platform, allowing viewers to see carbon footprints turning into flowers and reinforcing the environmentally friendly message.


This short narrative provided Stericycle with a versatile and powerful marketing vehicle that could be deployed across a wide range of media—from their website to laptop and mobile applications.