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  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Storyboarding
  • Copywriting
  • Video
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Language Translation


Videojet is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation and a global leader in applied inkjet and labeling technologies. They’re the company whose products are featured on the assembly line in virtually every industry—printing the lot numbers, expiration dates, barcodes and other important safety and tracking information directly on the packaging of the products we use every day—from pharmaceuticals to food, beverages and more. Videojet engaged Paragraphs to help envision, create and rollout its first-ever Sustainability campaign, comprised of an introductory video, brochure and posters for internal deployment in Videojet facilities worldwide.


Global awareness around Corporate Social Responsibility continues to rise, with increasing pressure on those in the manufacturing supply chain to demonstrate responsible and sustainable business practices. For Videojet, it was important to develop messages and materials that were both aspirational and well grounded. While safety was (and remains) a top priority and a robust recycling program had long been in place, Videojet was still in the early stages of identifying its sustainability KPIs. Therefore, it was crucial that the materials not overstate Videojet’s current achievements or over-promise on near term commitments. Paragraphs developed a concept that would tell the Videojet story in a clear and compelling way, while incorporating different voices—and languages!—from Videojet enterprises around the world.


The Videojet Sustainability Program was launched at the annual gathering of global business division leaders in China to widespread acclaim. All of the materials were translated into 12 languages for local deployment.

Culture-Building Posters

Accompanying the launch video and brochure were internal posters designed to reinforce strategic sustainability objectives.

Video Production in 12 Languages

Two objectives were met:
1. Telling a unified sustainability story.
2. Conveying that story in each country’s native language.