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The Weiss Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2009 to provide educational opportunities for the children of Dago, Kenya. Determined to build an enduring organization, the founder came to Paragraphs to build a brand that would reposition the organization and generate interest and engagement to encourage growth.

The mission of the Weiss Scholarship Foundation is to empower the children of Dago, Kenya by ensuring they have access to a great education.

Our vision is to create an organization that can positively touch the life of every Dago child, helping them develop a positive sense of self and enrich their lives — enabling them to realize their full potential. We are working to give real hope to these children, their families and the entire village. We believe by Empowering Children and helping to create a world where every child has access to a better education they will help improve their lives, passing on a positive legacy of enrichment and hope.


Paragraphs began by benchmarking a variety of non-profit sites, specifically in the global arena and focused on education. After research and analysis, Paragraphs recommended a simpler name that clearly conveyed what the organization does, while giving a nod to the inspiration behind the foundation. The founder’s parents always emphasized education and encouraged Brett to become a teacher.

“The team I worked with at Paragraphs is incredibly knowledgeable and talented. Every person is creative and professional. They’re incredibly innovative and responsive. They helped us build this brand every step of the way, and I’m very happy I found them and worked with them to develop our brand. It is easy to see the passion they put into their work and the pride they take in the final product.”

— Brett Weiss, Founder and CEO, Weiss Scholarship Foundation


As this was just launched, the jury is out on results at this point. However, the founder feels this brand truly captures the spirit of the organization and that it will work well to create an enduring foundation long into the future. The immediate feedback from existing donors and those involved in the foundation is extremely positive.


The logo was designed to focus on the word HOPE to develop an emotional connection to the foundation. It conveys a youthful, energetic feeling while focusing on the care given to the children of Africa. The map allows us to convey where donor dollars are going and gives us future flexibility to extend the heart to other African locations.


The design for the Weiss Scholarship Foundation website was kept simple and clean for easy navigation and to make donating as easy as possible.