Case Study: The Biograph

Case Study: The Biograph

The device—and the brand—that tells your life story.

Early in this century, Siemens came to Paragraphs with a simple but game-changing innovation: a device that combined the functions of CT and PET scanners, which until that time had been separate imaging technologies in distinct imaging devices.

Combining the technologies into one system created a product and a category that hadn’t existed before; the first device on the market to provide a complete, three-dimensional overview of the human body. We wanted the name to reflect the new category Siemens was creating, and recommended that they name the system the “Biograph.” The brand rationale was that that the Biograph “tells your life story.”

The name was designed to leverage Siemens’ reputation as a scientific innovator and global market leader while also increase the distance between Siemens and competitors.  Sensing the sea change Siemens was creating in the marketplace, competitors quickly copied the idea, first with vaporware, then later with “me-too” products that trailed one or more steps behind as Siemens continued to innovate and define the category they created.

In the year 2000, Time magazine named Siemens’ Biograph system as an Innovation of the Year. From that time on, anything the competition attempted to produce had to answer the question, “How does it compare with the Biograph?” More than a decade later the Biograph has withstood the test of time and remains a flagship brand in medical imaging.

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