A Chicago Branding Agency’s Christmas Wish List

A Chicago Branding Agency’s Christmas Wish List

Great gifts for marketers, designers and branding professionals.

Everyone has something on their wish list this year. Maybe it’s something extravagant like a trip to Scotland or a new car. Maybe there’s a book you want to add to your collection or a new bag that you’ve been eyeing.

With Christmas happening next week, we decided we’d share some of the things on our Christmas list. You know, just in case you needed to figure out what to get us!

Passes to HOW Design Live

HOW Design Live is a conference where creatives come together and develop professionally. The next conference takes place in the beautiful city of Boston. With its juxtaposition of historic and modern architecture, delectable seafood and friendly atmosphere, Boston is a perfect location for creatives to converge.

This conference aims to “bring together like minded people who share the same sensibility about creativity and to help foster relationships and friendships that can last a lifetime.” It’s another opportunity to learn more about our craft, which helps us become a better team for our clients.

A year’s supply of coffee

From foamy, rich coffee from our Nespresso or a Grande Caramel Caffé Latte from the Starbucks downstairs, we like to indulge in coffee and get our caffeine fix throughout the day. Here are some fun facts about our favorite “creative fuel”:

  • Coffee was originally eaten, rolled into balls from a mixture of coffee berries and animal fat. [1]
  • The coffee “bean” is actually a seed.
  • It’s estimated that President Roosevelt drank a gallon of coffee per day. [2]
  • The only state in the U.S. to commercially grow coffee is Hawaii. [3]

A year’s supply would be the perfect gift to keep us in good spirits throughout 2018!

Pantone footwear

We like our footwear: Boots, heels, sneakers, flats, wedges, you name it. Whether they’re bedazzled or furry or laced up high, we love them all. And if there’s one thing we can appreciate, it’s a killer design with flawless execution. So, when we saw that Pantone teamed up with Br.Ex Group to create Pantone-inspired footwear, we immediately them on our wish list.


Blue footwear with blueberries on pink background
Kilimanjaro Pantone footwear. Image via Pantone Footwear.


Chill-Out footwear. Image via Pantone Footwear.


The Kilimanjaro is the ideal footwear for lunchtime walks around Millennium Park, and the Chill-Out brings coziness to biting Chicago winters. Now all we need is a pair (or two or three) in PMS 7494 (our logo’s color).

CUBE and Pico

Cube and Pico are two tools from Palette. They aim to “bring color into the 21st Century” and develop devices that help creatives mesh the digital and real worlds.

Cube is a color digitizer and allows you to grab colors from flowers, paint, fabric, and more. Then you get a digital match, just like that. Pico is “the world’s first smart color reader” and it allows you to measure color and get data like RGB and HEX. Your colors are stored on the Pico App to for easy viewing later.

These tools are definitely something we want in our designer’s toolbox. And while Cube is backordered until January 2018 and Pico doesn’t come out until March 2018, we know that good things come to those who wait.

New clients

We have a lot of great clients. Not only do they let us work on some amazing projects, but they’re genuinely good people, too. That’s why in 2018, we want more of them! More projects, more clients—more opportunities to help brands shine.

It’s shaping up to be a great 2018. We hope you’ll be there with us for the ride!

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