A High Click Rate Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

A High Click Rate Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

Do your clicks convert customers?

How many sites to you go to, click for more information and then leave a site?

As marketers, we’re often asked for campaign ROI. Sophisticated clients understand marketing ROI is a combination of factors. Often we can prove increased awareness, increased interest, increased leads and increased sales. Awareness and interest are easy with the right research. Salesforce has been an incredible help in measuring and tracking leads that may have been generated by a specific marketing initiative or targeted campaign. Sales are always the result of a myriad of factors—service, support, finance, marketing, product quality, price and more.

Do Clicks = Sales?

Clicks! Who really believes that clicks equal sales unless the click goes thru to an exact behavior that can be tracked? New technology is changing how we measure the customer experience. According to the CMO Council, clicks, views and open rates are still being used by 59% of marketers to measure customer experience (nooooooo!!!), while other metrics include customer lifetime value (53%), up-sell and cross-sell engagements (53%), and revenue-per-transaction increases (49%). More importantly, top metrics now being used by marketers to measure customer experience successes are directly tied to business outcomes. The No. 1 metric is a retention-rate improvement (cited by 69% of respondents), and No. 2 is an acquisition-rate improvement (62%).


Graph representing the Customer Experience Measurement Evolution
Credit: CMO Council


It’s encouraging to know that the bar has risen and technology and automation are helping us solve the age-old question of, “How do you know this campaign is working?” Let’s all elevate our game and insist on quality research that enables real measurement.

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