Collateral Design: Why it Matters

Collateral Design: Why it Matters

Collateral design still matters in today’s market.

Collateral design is a critical component to your company’s overall B2B marketing strategy because it is a practical means of getting information on your company’s products or services into your customers’ hands. Your brand needs to be present on all forms of collateral, from the core of your identity (logo, fonts, color and messaging) to the letters you send to clients to your product packaging, brochures and more. Don’t underestimate the power of touch in establishing a memorable image for your brand. The quality of your brand can’t easily be conveyed digitally but it can in print.

Staying Memorable

In all industries, a viral campaign is like the Holy Grail of marketing: It’s a rarity that cannot be discovered or forced; it comes to you on its own. For brands who believe they will fade into obscurity if they do not have a viral campaign, have no fear; there are plenty of readily available opportunities that help make a lasting impression.

Your customers do not live in cyberspace; while they frequently conduct business, research and conversations through the Internet and other programs, they live in a world of tangibility. Therefore, it’s important that you communicate with customers in both spaces. Both digital and traditional marketing have their own benefits that, when placed together, make for an outstanding marketing initiative.

There is more room for energy in the digital space: Interactive articles and videos bring movement and life to your content. But it can only be seen through a screen, and thus limits its reach. While traditional collateral like billboards and brochures are less “active,” your customers will see and touch them throughout the physical space: In their mail, in your office, at events and more. Traditional collateral is not bound by a screen and can appear anywhere a company has the mindset to place it.

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At Paragraphs, we understand the symbiotic relationship of collateral and digital design: They are both essential in strengthening your brand in the physical and digital spaces. Whether you need a logo which transcends all media to a package design or an interactive annual report, Paragraphs can accommodate all your needs. For more information on our branding and marketing services, be sure to contact us!

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