Comprehensive Strategy for B2B Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive Strategy for B2B Social Media Marketing

Have a plan for where you want to go.

In the last few posts we’ve talked about setting achievable goals and objectives for B2B social media campaigns. Once you have these in place, the next step is to determine strategies for each of your objectives.

Strategies provide a roadmap for achieving your objective. The basic question here is, “What’s our plan?”

Let’s say your objective is increasing the number of subscribers to your e-newsletter by 20% over an 8-month period. Your strategies might include the following:

  • Determine relevant content topics and keywords to write about
  • Utilize market research to analyze where your target audience lives and visits online
  • Create a clear call to action, e.g. to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Reward prospects with a bonus piece of relevant content when they subscribe

The best strategies build both your knowledge about your audience and the relationship you have with them. We’ll share five questions that help make this happen next week.

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