Guide to Keeping a Consistent Social Media Presence

Guide to Keeping a Consistent Social Media Presence

Help strengthen your brand’s identity through social media.

Social media is a must in the age of digital marketing. Having a consistent social media and digital marketing presence is necessary to expand your brand’s reach, provide excellent customer service to strengthen your brand and more. Here at Paragraphs (a full-service marketing agency), we know exactly how to give you the right touch on social media platforms. Ready to give your social platforms a boost? Follow this guide of some of our personal steps to keep your social media presence up to par.

Keep a Consistent Identity Across Platforms

Companies will often have multiple social media accounts in which to present information and interact with customers. Give your social accounts a unified look to help keep your brand consistent across all platforms. Use your brand’s main color, have each profile picture be that of the logo, and have cover photos in line with the brand. The content you post is key to maintaining a consistent identity across platforms. Remember that not all content is ideal for every platform. For instance, videos are best left for Facebook and YouTube. However, Twitter is ideal for brief announcements.

Regardless of what you post and where make sure its tone and voice are consistent with your brand identity. For example, if your brand is a bit quirky, show that in all content. Want to talk about a social event? Relate it back to your brand. Just like expanding your brand in traditional marketing and design, you need to portray your brand through the various modes of digital marketing.

Engage Your Followers

Companies like Wendys and Starbucks have been featured countless times on websites because of some of their intelligent, timely (and sometimes hilarious) responses to their followers. Do not fall into the trap of posting content day after day; it neglects the entire “social” aspect of social media. Show your customers you care by thanking them for a post showcasing your product, and offer assistance to those who indicated they were less than satisfied. Getting a shout-out from a large company on social media shows customers that the company actively listens to them. It also helps strengthen their trust in the brand.

Build a Community

Ultimately, one of the best ways to stay consistently noticed is to have other people do it for you. When you build a community of enthusiastic followers, they will amplify your organic reach through comments, shares, re-tweets and hashtags. Take Arby’s for instance, whose posts use their food to recreate or reference popular culture. People love these posts so much that Arby’s regularly gets thousands of reshares, likes and comments on their posts. But an enthusiastic community can only be built by actively engaging with your customers. So remember to thank often and address issues.

Having a consistent identity will allow you to best utilize social media platforms and strengthen your brand’s identity. If you’re still unsure of your brand identity or are seeking help unifying your messages, tweet us @ParagraphsLLC or message us on Facebook.

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