Is Content Marketing Set to Auto-Profit?

Is Content Marketing Set to Auto-Profit?

Keep the “human” element in your content.

Last year’s biggest marketing trends show a theme: auto-composed content. Companies are defining tomorrow’s advertising with secret algorithms and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) that create content and social media posts. As we click on stories, the content is tweaked for the individual user: pieces and paragraphs stitched together with a purpose by a program, a pretty banner pasted on top and no darn bloggers to pay.

However, there is an expressed implication here that might turn off some smart users. To compose relevant content that engages your target demographic, you need to have a lot of data about your audience. Companies must build trust and credibility with the consumer first, who grows more informed and discriminating every day. Web-savvy users will instantly recognize a targeted ad and associate your company with websites, who collect information about people to sell to other companies, share with government agencies or store for unknown purposes in the future.

Tomorrow’s marketing trendsetters will define their approach by this concern. Where companies can use your data and artificial intelligence to monitor your entire life to deliver real-time advertising every second… It will be companies that focus on humans connecting with one another that will set the new bar for the extraordinary. It will be companies challenging consumers to think differently about their lives, to deviate from established, predictable behavior and become lifelong brand loyalists. The credibility of a customer they consider to a be an authority, who genuinely cares and connects with them is worth a thousand times more than the results an omniscient, self-aware content marketing machine spamming consumers for a purchase.

You get what you pay for so use those bloggers for humanistic messages that will build brand loyalty and deliver life-long customers for you.

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