Send out messaging that matters.

What makes a meaningful healthcare message? In the healthcare sector, crafting well thought, unique brand messaging is a challenge. When we refer to brand messaging, we are talking about the words that convey the value of your brand. Effectively communicating what your brand’s value is and differentiating your brand among an often saturated market requires skill, foresight and careful planning.

How can healthcare brands create a value proposition that resonates with their audience?

Examine Your Brand From All Angles

This is a pivotal step that we’ve seen a lot of healthcare brands overlook. When crafting brand messaging, it is imperative to examine the brand value and brand voice from multiple angles. Unfortunately, healthcare companies tend to focus messaging based on the client angle alone. This customer-centric attitude will leave your brand messaging workable but incomplete. To get a complete picture that creates a resonating message, mine other sources of information. Start by evaluating what your clients are looking for is a great place to start. Once you’ve determined this, take it a step further.

Look at your healthcare brand from an internal perspective. Ask your sales reps what aspects of your brand strike a chord with clients the most. What is it about your brand in particular that brings them on board? What existing messaging do they find agreeable?  Asking your internal team these questions, especially the sales department, will give you invaluable perspective on what makes your healthcare brand valuable to clients.

Examine your brand from an external, competitive angle. This requires advanced research and analytic skills plus an understanding of the current market. Look at how other healthcare brands represent themselves: What is their mission? Who are they targeting? Collect information on their brand messaging (explore their social media platforms and website to examine their copy) and strategize how you can separate yourself from the crowd. The key here is to identify a client need that is not represented in the group and to craft your message around the fact that your brand fulfills this need.

Crafting an Informed Brand Message

Now that you’ve gathered your relevant data, you’re ready to create the perfect value proposition. Here’s how we pulled this off with one of our clients, SAGENT Pharmaceuticals, who were bringing their branded pharmaceutical product Glydo to market.  

  • First, with the help of SAGENT, we evaluated what mattered to future buyers of Glydo: Having a more convenient and safer method for administering urological anesthetic lubricant. This is our client angle.
  • Next, we examined what SAGENT’s team believed were the most valuable aspects of their product. We determined that Glydo’s convenient, safe, prefilled packaging was a great selling point. This is our internal angle.
  • Finally, we differentiated Glydo from the competition. We surveyed Glydo’s target audience (200 urologists, nurses and administrators) and asked them to rate Glydo compared to other products. 4 out of 5 preferred Glydo. This is our competitive angle.

From this research and analysis we created our value proposition:

Prefilled. Preassembled. Preferred by 80% of polled U.S. urologists and urology nurses.

This value proposition brought fantastic results to Glydo. Requests for product trials were even higher than projected and competitors to this day are hard pressed to dispute the facts presented in the brand messaging.

As you can tell, crafting a perfect branded healthcare message takes a lot of research, understanding and creativity. Need help crafting the perfect healthcare brand message? Contact Paragraphs! Give us a call at 312.828.0200 or email us at [email protected]