Step 1 in crafting a content strategy.

While social media is often the first touch you have with your clients, it’s not the first thing you’ll want to create for a B2B audience. You should already have a strategy in place and at least the beginnings of a content plan before you start shouting, “hello world!”

Make the commitment

An effective content plan requires your organization to make a commitment to a dedicated team with a diverse group of skills. The last thing you want to do is drop the content plan onto someone who already has another function in your organization.

Your content team needs to balance technical know-how with marketing expertise. They’ll need strong writing and design skills, familiarity with the channels you’re targeting, information from your sales force, and some way to get feedback from your best prospects.

It’s tempting to think, “only young people understand all this social stuff,” but putting a wiz-kid with no marketing experience in charge of your public image online is a risky proposition. Giving the same job to a marketing person with no tech savvy is also less than ideal. Whoever drives the content plan is a public representative of your brand with a vast amount of control over how your clients and prospects perceive your organization. As such, they’ll need clear guidelines about what is an appropriate representation of your brand and what is not.

Consider outsourcing the work

Don’t want to hire a full-time content team? Look for a marketing partner who specializes in building customized plans with robust, unique content and has the capability to manage it for the long haul. Ideally, you want a company that will get to know your prospects intimately and produce content that addresses their needs in a voice they relate to strongly. Don’t settle for a “content farm” that churns out generic content designed for the lowest common denominator in the marketplace.

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