Crafting Your Sustainability Story—Develop Your Plan

Crafting Your Sustainability Story—Develop Your Plan

The final step to developing a sustainability story.

In the last two weeks, we’ve covered the rough process of developing a sustainability story, including identifying issues of concern and getting to know your stakeholders. The final step is to figure out how these two influences can be integrated into a sustainability plan that enables everyone to win.

Once you’ve identified your key sustainability challenges and the people who care most about your business, you’ll probably start to see where they intersect with your company’s goals. Where they meet, or are likely to meet, as you grow are the areas that are most important for your company to be focusing on. These, in turn, will point the way to the specific content, data, and case studies you’ll need to craft a sincere, persuasive, and credible sustainability story.

From there, develop the themes you’ll use to tell your story—both to your insiders and the world. When you develop your sustainability platform or program, it first and foremost needs to focus on the issues most material to your company and stakeholders. It also has to reflect the company culture and brand. Packaging and marketing it in a way that resonates with employees, customers and other stakeholders is key. By ensuring your story is seen as credible and authentic, you’ll be more likely to make a positive impression when you talk about the progress you’re making.

For an overview of the entire process of crafting your sustainability story, download our parathink briefing: Beyond Green: The Expanding Role of Sustainability. Click here to get your free copy.

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