How Creativity is Like Ice Cream—and Why Vanilla Doesn’t Work

How Creativity is Like Ice Cream—and Why Vanilla Doesn’t Work

Explore all the flavors creativity can offer.

Creative minds explore all options. There are so many avenues we can explore it is almost overwhelming. Just like walking into an ice cream store (a really good one) that has so many flavors…and then there are toppings! Where does one start? It’s so personal, so inventive, so artistic and so rewarding when you pick the right ingredients.

And tasty! Which works great when you are dreaming up your own refreshing concoction.

But taste… That’s a whole different ball game when applied to creativity in business. So let’s go there and see what we find.

Conduct Your Research

How do we help our clients differentiate with all the market noise, all the options, all the flavors that are available to them? Knowledge. Pure and simple. Vanilla and Chocolate. Know your market, know your competition. Two key ingredients.

Now the complexity starts. You know your business, your products, your services, but, do you really know what differentiates you from everyone else? This takes introspection, honesty and hard-core factual evidence gathering. Unless you want to be vanilla you have to do this process! There’s nothing wrong with vanilla that a little chocolate won’t fix…but that is not going to help you garner a leadership position for your organization. And with so many other flavors to choose from, I promise you vanilla won’t be the primary choice and neither will your company’s products and services.

Ice cream cones with different flavors and toppings.

How Paragraphs Can Help

This is where we start—at the core, or the cone if you prefer. As a brand building organization our goal is to ensure our clients see results – whether we are engaging an internal audience, increasing awareness and generating interest from customers, restructuring an organization to help them sell more effectively, developing a new company name and identity or helping to launch a new product – we work to understand all of your flavors – your culture, your offerings, your customers, your competitors and we dig for the most important nugget – what differentiates you. And when we start to build your brand we look at all the options, flavors, toppings, “one of a kind” positions that you can own and will inspire all of your audiences

So if you’re looking for more than vanilla, chocolate or what was once considered “edgy” Neapolitan* ice cream, give us a call at 312.828.0200. Let’s chat about how we can help you differentiate. Then we can meet and chat some more—and the ice cream is on us.

*Neapolitan ice cream is made in form of one block, which is separated into three distinct flavors – most commonly vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Today, Neapolitan ice cream is mostly created in industrial production facilities, with some flavor changes – cherry instead of strawberry being the most common.

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