5 Ways to Define “What’s What” in Your Healthcare Name

5 Ways to Define “What’s What” in Your Healthcare Name

Build success directly into your offering’s title.

For the past few weeks we’ve been covering some of the questions we consider when naming a healthcare product, service or company. (Check them out here if you’ve missed a week or two.)

Here’s five more ways to start building customer preference from the moment they’re introduced to your offering:

1. What do we want our name to mean?

When crafting a name, you definitely want to begin with the end in mind. Don’t just think about what your product, service, or company is or what it does. Consider who you’re doing it for, how long you’ve been in business, and how you want to be perceived by your customers.

2. What concepts or benefits should our name convey?

Do your homework, and your name will encourage associations with your consumers’ needs or desires. When considering this question, it’s easy to come up with features but experience suggests you’ll get more bang for your buck if you focus on the benefits your customers will enjoy.

3. What is the “story” of the product, service or company we’re naming?

Every name implies a story, whether it’s the history of your brand or a narrative about your customer’s experience. For example, one of Siemens’ flagship products is called the “Biograph,” a name that intentionally suggests that it “tells your life story.” Here’s a hint: your customers and prospects are a lot more interested in their story than your own. How can you make the tale your name implies about them?

4. What existing words state the benefits we’re emphasizing—directly or indirectly?

This could be the start or the finish line for developing your brand name. How do these words fit within your brand personality and relative to the competitors in the marketplace?

5. What name can we create that suggests favorable associations, but is all new?

Points 4 and 5 are related. Existing words may express your desired message, but they’ll be more difficult to own if they appear in Webster’s. Can you craft something completely new that conveys the same ideas?

You’ll find more creativity-sparking questions like these on our new name-generation worksheet. You can also learn more about addiction healthcare naming strategies that work in today’s highly-competitive Internet-driven marketplace in our latest quick-reading parathink briefing: Names That Sell Global Healthcare Brands: How to create distinctive brand names that drive customer preference, sales and loyalty. Download it now for free!

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