Keep your brand consistent. 

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of maintaining brand consistency in terms of the goods and services your company provides, its messaging and its visual representations (such as advertisements, logos, etc.), but in this post we’d like to focus a little bit more on what that visual representation entails and why design uniformity is so important. When you look at an image as iconic as the Apple logo, you probably don’t notice that the bite is taken out of the right side. However, what would happen if suddenly it was taken out of the left?  It’s easy to understand why changing your overall branding philosophy would be problematic for your company, but what about the things that seem arbitrary? Here, we’d like to delve into why that level of precision and uniformity in design is so important.


Any change in your logo, no matter how slight, can result in major confusion surrounding your company.  The unfortunate truth is that no matter how creative the name of your business is, there’s probably another company out there who shares it with you. This means that the way that people identify you and your company has to go beyond its namesake. There are undoubtedly other companies called Apple (or more likely, were as there is a clear association with that name now), but you know that it’s the Apple that makes iPhones, computers and tablets because of its logo and other brand identifiers. You may associate Apple with the color white, as their stores, ads and logo all use white as their dominant color. If they were to suddenly change to green, red or pink, you’d likely still recognize them by their other identifiers, but there’d be a moment of confusion and trepidation as to if this was the same company you’ve been familiar with for so many years.

Showing Control

A company that has several logos floating around, no matter how slightly different they are in appearance, appears to have weak leadership and disconnected departments. A mistake as simple as having one logo with two lines of text and one logo where that text is all on the same line can be the difference between gaining a client and losing a client. It shows a level of sloppiness that even if people aren’t directly aware of, they are perceiving subconsciously.

Your logo is your identifier. It’s the easiest thing to recognize, the easiest thing to digest and the easiest way for potential clients to know who you are and what you’re about. Uniformity is key, right down to the last detail. Protect your brand and protect your business by staying consistent. 

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