The Difference Between a Logo and a Brand

The Difference Between a Logo and a Brand

Though different, logos and brands are vital assets to companies.

When first meeting with a branding firm, many people are under the assumption that branding is all about designing logos. Although a logo is part of a brand, it is not the brand itself. The logo plays a big role in the identity of a company and it is seen throughout a branding firm’s marketing process. However, it is merely the hand of an entire body. The first step to understanding the nature of how your company is positively marketed is to understand the difference between a logo and a brand.


A brand is the feeling someone has towards your product, service or company that distinguishes it from competition. It is developed through the marketing, service, visual design and experience people have with your company/business. The branding firm helps build the brand and also keep it productive.

Branding is used to help people understand what your company is like and what sets it apart from other companies that provide the same service (soda, cars, shoes, etc). A good brand establishes trust with the public. Business isn’t perfect, so there will often be times where a company makes a mistake. But if they’ve established a trusted brand with the public, the public will likely forgive the company since they have consistently delivered before.


A logo is a visual design that introduces people to the brand. It is a marketing device for the brand. When people see a particular logo, they know immediately what company that logo represents. Although the logo implies the brand, it is not the brand itself. When people see a logo, they recognize a certain feeling they associate with how the company treats them. That feeling (brand) cannot be built up solely in a logo design. That is built up through the company’s continued actions to the target audience.

A logo can go on almost anything associated with the company, including business cards, buildings, commercials, and products. However, in order for the logo to be successful, it needs to feel at home with the company elements. You cannot simply just stick a logo on any kind of website. The web design has to be in line with the brand’s goal and aesthetic in mind. You know you have a good brand when you look at a product and can already tell what company it is without even seeing the logo.

Branding Firm = Friendship Builder

A brand can be a tricky thing to understand at first. What is important to remember is that the brand is essentially the character of the company’s service. That character shows up in the web design, billboards, and company services. Branding is a lot like getting to know someone on a date. Once you get to know that someone, they are no longer that one guy at work; he is now Carl, and you know how you feel about Carl among all of your the other friends.

By that logic, a logo is like Carl’s name. The name itself is not the human being; it is merely a way to help identify the human being. Once you understand the significance a logo has to a brand, you will begin to see how it greatly affects your business. And we at Paragraphs are here to increase your brand productivity with all the needed elements, logos included.

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