The Musts of Digital Marketing

The Musts of Digital Marketing

What to know when marketing in cyberspace. 

It’s getting harder and harder to make people stop and pay attention to you and your business.  With so many different forms of media available today, it’s difficult to cover your bases with all of them.  There’s no way that you can be on every form of media every day and produce the content necessary for doing so so frequently, so what’s more feasible is to make sure that all of the content you are producing is effective and well done. Digital marketing is so important as the world becomes increasingly digitized, so we want to provide you with all of the tools you need in order to stay current and relevant.

Including Visual Elements

A general rule of thumb for almost any content in any form of media is to have some sort of visual element. An advertisement consisting of only text isn’t very eye-catching as text can get boring, and though you can certainly make it more interesting by using various colors and fonts, it won’t have quite the same effect as an image will in terms of holding interest, making an impression, and grabbing that initial attention. Breaking up text with images, using images for backgrounds, and creating visual content like videos, infographics, and photo collages are all great ways to make your content digestible and unique.

Breaking up Information

This definitely goes hand-in-hand with breaking up text by using images, but breaking up text into bits and lists is equally effective in holding interest. Even separating a paragraph into individual sentences and spreading them out over a page has been shown to better hold peoples’ attention than having blocks of text. 

Show Your Personality

Your company is made up of a group of people (which we talked a lot about in our corporate identity blogs, if you want to check them out!), which means that potential clients are okay with you showing your personality. They know that your business isn’t being run by robots, and they don’t want it to be! Be funny, be creative, and be genuine. People will respect you for it.

There are a host of other elements, necessary and auxiliary, that can go into your digital marketing campaign.  For more information on these techniques, as well as additional suggestions for your digital marketing, contact Paragraphs.

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