Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing quote: "We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people." - Pierre Omidyar, eBay Founders

What is Digital Marketing?

Upon its development in the 1960s, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was the first vision of the Internet. But it wasn’t until January 1, 1983 that the modern Internet would be “assembled.” Today, we know it as a connection of networks to networks that allows people across the globe to communicate in a digital space. Since the first website went live in 1991, we’ve made some incredible technological advancements. Thanks to the Internet, video conferencing, social media and interactive articles became possible. These resources and tools helped paved the way for digital marketing.

Digital marketing allows marketers to connect with their target audience in a space in which they interact most. The numbers can be startling: Users spend about 5 hours per day on mobile devices. Application usage accounts for a whopping 92%, versus just 8% of browser usage. And Adweek reported that the average user will spend roughly 5 years and 4 months on social media. That leaves a lot of opportunity for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing: What to Know

From social media analytics to email newsletters to writing blog content, there is a lot to consider when it comes to digital marketing. Here are four things to keep in mind.

There are many facets

Blogging, vlogging, podcasts, websites, social media and email are all digital marketing strategies. A well-rounded digital marketing strategy uses a combination of strategies. What strategies you use depends on your needs, audience, campaign and/or resources. While one company may find success in having a blog and podcast, another may only need to have a blog.

There is a quicker turnaround time than traditional marketing…

 Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is “alive” in that it can be interactive and include audio and/or video. It’s also published much more quickly. Traditional marketing vehicles like brochures need to be written, designed, and printed. But with digital marketing, you can write a blog post and immediately publish it to your website. Since the blog post design is pre-determined in the website code, you don’t need to worry about laying it out.

 …But use traditional marketing strategies in conjunction

 Traditional marketing and digital marketing strategies go hand in hand. You need to interact with your audience through as many mediums as possible. So, a successful integrated campaign will need strategies from both types. You can develop a product brochure and direct users to a webpage to learn more information. Companies include social media icons on their website, printed literature and more to show on which social sites they are active. You can even develop a printed mailer to alert customers of an online seminar that may be of interest. Think about how these strategies can best work together to tell your story.

No matter the size or industry of your business, you can use digital marketing

Digital marketing works for every type of business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a  small marketing firms or a global healthcare company. And it doesn’t have to cost much, either: Choose to sponsor social media ads or rely on organic reach. Resources like Moz offer information on search engine optimization. With time and dedication, you can craft your own SEO strategy and use it to connect with current clients, generate potential leads and publish thought pieces.

Define your business goals and craft your digital marketing strategy around them.

Digital Marketing Offerings

Need an SEO strategy that will help you rank in searches or an updated website? Paragraphs can help you in all your digital marketing needs.

Digital Marketing — Content Development

Websites are great for prospective customers to find information about your business, but they need content to read! Pages with digital content are either static or dynamic. Static pages are the About or Services page, as they rarely change. Dynamic pages always have new information; these pages include blogs and white papers. You’ll need to update the digital content on your blog often and craft at least one new white paper every quarter. Don’t have the time? Let Paragraphs write it for you.


Search engine optimization helps you rank in search results. A higher ranking means someone seeking your services is more likely to find you. Google and Bing display the most relevant results at the top of the first page, so the less relevant a result, the further down a result is listed. Where do you rank—and where do you want to rank? You want to be on the first or second page of search results, as researchers rarely look beyond the second page. We can help you with your SEO and move you up in the page chain.

Web Design

Does your website look outdated or has your company experienced significant change? Your website should evolve with the growth of your company. Think of your website as a first impression: If a prospective client were to see only your website, what would it say about your company? Does is convey that you are an industry leader or does it make you look dated? Is it visually appealing and easy to use? We can design a beautiful, working website that suits your brand.

Web Development

A great website design is one thing, but it also needs to function. Website development requires knowledge of programming languages. These languages—HTML, CSS and Javascript—help bring your website design to life. Avoid the stress in trying to figure out the backend by letting us take care of developing the website for you.


Building a user-friendly website involves UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). User interface involves the visual design like color, typography and layouts. A UI designer might ask, “What visual elements should we include?” User experience is how the product feels and focuses on how a user might interact with a website. A UX designer asks questions like, “What happens when a user logs out?” Both are an important aspect of web design and web development, and we take them into consideration for all websites we design and develop.

Your audience is often inundated with messages and advertisements across the digital sphere. Digital marketing can help generate brand awareness and tell your brand story while providing your customers with valuable information.

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