Improve Your Digital Strategy: Utilize UI/UX Standards

Improve Your Digital Strategy: Utilize UI/UX Standards

You’ve developed a digital strategy—does it include UI/UX standards?

Now that your strategy is developed, you’re trying to integrate it into the hearts and minds of your internal team and every single audience touch point. When developing a brand, the culmination and control method for the brand is the graphic standards manual. Sounds simple but it’s not. Capturing all elements, in one document and enforcing the application of what has been approved is not as easy as it sounds. For corporate brands, there is a process, and if socialized correctly it will be adopted and will grow and evolve as your organization does. But for digital that does not exist.

It’s time the to fully embrace UI/UX Graphic Standards (Not sure what UI and UX standards are? Read our blog post, “Knowing the Difference Between UI and UX,” to learn more about these standards). Every strong brand requires graphic standards to ensure the integrity of the brand is upheld – especially in multinational and diverse organizations. Since the corporate website is accessed by so many different audiences with varied interests and geographies, it is imperative that the experience you want your audiences to have is upheld with standards that ensure uniformity and consistent application of your brand.

To develop a successful UI/UX Graphic Standards, be sure that it is more than a technical style guide. Use the opportunity to convey the vision of the brand, the inspiration behind your company, its products and its services. Ensure the “tone” of the graphic standards are fresh, friendly and inviting to encourage compliance. It is an educational tool that can also inspire your team. And, an inspired team makes for an inspired brand.

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