Beyond Brand Recognition: Distinctive Design Aims to Improve Safety

Beyond Brand Recognition: Distinctive Design Aims to Improve Safety

Sagent’s Heparin packaging named as a top 2013 innovation by Chicago-area businesses.

In our last blog post we announced that a key segment of the PreventIV Measures™ packaging campaign, developed by Paragraphs for Sagent Pharmaceuticals, was honored as one of 10 innovators at the 12th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards.

While PreventIV Measures packaging adds an extra layer of safety to all of Sagent’s injectable medications, the company was specifically honored for its work with the anticoagulant blood thinner Heparin. Though widely used, Heparin regularly ranks in the top 10 drugs involved in worldwide medication errors, and has been the cause of several high-profile overdose cases in natal intensive care units.

In multiple cases, adult versions of Heparin containing as much as 1,000 times the recommended dose for infants were administered to babies. These overdoses were blamed on the labeling and design of the adult and infant versions of the drug, which were similar enough to be easily confused.

While better packaging design is no guarantee against medication errors, Sagent and Paragraphs collaborated to develop PreventIV Measures packaging for Heparin that makes it easier for rushed medical personnel to identify the correct medication. Unlike packaging designs used by many other companies, which tend to make the manufacturer’s logo the largest element, PreventIV Measures uses multiple design elements to uniquely distinguish each product by concentration and total strength. These include easy-to-read product names, concentration and fill volume and bold, color-differentiated labels, caps, and cartons.

Check out this quick, one-minute video to see the award-winning packaging and learn more about its potential to prevent medication errors.


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